About Myth Cosmetics


Our Story

Indie Cosmetic Brand

We are a passionate indie beauty brand that hopes to tell a story with Myth Cosmetics that challenges traditional beauty standards. We may be small but are on a MIGHTY mission to spread beauty through sustainable designs and hyper-focused creativity in everything we do. At Myth Cosmetics we believe beauty begins from within – it is our desire to give you lovely Muses arsenal to manifest your beautiful spirit with captivating and vibrant makeup.

Luxurious Lipstick

Myth Cosmetics is more than makeup – it is a fearless journey of self-exploration through bold colors and high spirited beauty products that deliver endless magic to your makeup creations. We are passionate about beauty and know that you are too. This is why we spent 2 years developing and refining our vision – with over 30 formula revisions - in our California based lab to bring you our crystal charged Geode Liquid Lipsticks. Our proprietary Liquid to Demi-Matte formula is one of the most COMFORTABLE on the market and checks out on every level with beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts alike.

Manifest your beautiful spirit with 6 crystal charged Geode Liquid Lipsticks. Each color boasts high-intensity color pay off + layerable and ultra comfortable long wear formulation that you must FEEL to believe. From our magical crystal packaging to the fluffy heart-shaped precision applicator – MYTH is committed to delivering you, beautiful muse, with the most magical beauty experience every time!