Myth Cosmetics

Myth Cosmetics is a fantasy makeup brand that desires to blur the lines of makeup & magic with an array of crystal inspired liquid lipsticks designed to elevate your beauty routine to the next level.

Geode Liquid Lipsticks

Unleash your creative makeup spirit with our Geodes – 6 high pigment, cruelty free & vegan luxury liquid lipsticks. From rose quartz to amethyst – each Geode Liquid Lipstick is charged to embody the spirit and vivid colors of crystals. Each Geode Liquid Lipstick is a fantasy beauty experience awaiting YOU to unfold. Explore our MYTHIC realms to discover a geode that speaks to your soul!

Fantasy Makeup

Myth Cosmetics has extensive experience in the makeup industry and has developed quality lip cosmetic services. We are committed to providing you with a luxury makeup experience unlike any other – from conceptualization to luxurious formulations and unique product designs – we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of magical makeup. We take pride in our cruelty free / vegan approach to beauty – so you can create confidently and ethically with bold, long lasting and high quality makeup products.

Our premier creation – the Geode Liquid Lipsticks - have rocked the makeup realms by empowering MYTH Muses to express their unique beauty spirit through ultra comfortable formulations and crystal focused lipstick color designs. Each shade is accompanied by a premium holographic sticker to enhance your MYTHIC beauty experience! We want to help you achieve a distinct appearance and be comfortable with who you are.